Day 66

Today Derron and I decided to go up to the Eagle River by Wolcott.  We tried the boat put in spot just west of Wolcott on what was a beautiful sunny, no wind day.  The water was a little stained and running at about 70 cfs but you could still see a little bit into the water and wading was not a problem.

Derron struck first, and landed a white fish on a egg after about 20 minutes of fishing.  It was not that big,but it was a fighter.  We walk downstream a little and Derron catches a good sized Rainbow on a midge and is up two fish early.  I try a few different patterns including egg, rs2, midge, bwo, and parachute adams with no action what so ever.

After a couple hours of fishing we decide to go upstream and try a different spot.  We settle on the area just downstream of the confluence with Gore Creek.  This area is a lot more pocket water with the stream a little more narrow.  We got there just as the sun went behind the hill, so the the area was in shadows and was quite a bit cooler.  We fish this area for about 45 minutes before we call it with no fish to be had.

We decide to go back to the Wolcott area and find a spot in the sun to finish the day.  After finding a good spot we start fishing around 5:00pm and Derron is into a 15" Rainbow right off the bat.  Derron catches two more(one must have been close to 20" and the other around 17") within ten minutes all on a red san juan worm, when I decide to switch to a pink san juan worm and a pheasant tail nymph with a green under body.  I steal Derron's spot and within five minutes hook a 14" or so fat rainbow on the pheasant tail.  The take was so subtle I did not feel it, just saw the indicator twitch and it was on.  I catch two more  both around 15" Rainbows and thick(probably the three biggest fish I have landed) these coming on a purple under body pheasant tail nymph.  Derron catches one more on a black beauty before the sun sets and we call it a day.

Rod: Iwana 12"
Line: Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked:  Egg, San Juan Worm(Red), Midge, Black Beauty, Pheasant Tail(green and purple under body)


  1. Great post. Glad to see your blog on tenkara. The background looks beautiful - have to stop working a bit and go fishing more. Thanks for the inspiration and for spreading the word.
    - Daniel, Tenkara USA

  2. Thanks Daniel! This is up near Vail, and your right, everyone should stop working so much and go fishing more!


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