Day 69

I wanted to try a new spot today so Derron and I went up to Eleven Mile Canyon.  Derron has fished here a handful of times and went the previous weekend and had a 10 fish day on a busy weekend so I figured the day to be pretty good.

We started pretty far up canyon and found a spot to ourselves and started fishing.  We were both using nymphing rigs and I tied on a new bwo emerger and a san juan worm(red) and started casting to a deep run.  After a few casts and no action I try a different deep run and third cast out I hook a fish.  It had only been ten minutes and I had already caught my first fish, a nice 11" brown trout.

We continue to fish around the same area, walking up and downstream for the next few hours with Derron catching two, a rainbow and a brookie, and I a 11" rainbow before we decide to move downstream to a new spot.

Our next spot looked really fishy but neither of us had any luck and we decided to move further downstream.  By this time the canyon is in the shade and we find a nice spot with a bunch of boulders in the stream.  Within  five minutes Derron has caught his third fish of the day and second rainbow.  I try a few more spots with no luck before I decide to finish the day by taking some pictures.

   The weather could not have been nicer, well maybe a little less breezy, and we both caught fish early, but it was quite the frustrating day for us.  I am not a huge fan of nymphing to start with but I wanted to catch some fish.  In the process I lost 4 flies to snags in deep pools and had two tangled lines that had to be cut off and retied.  Derron said he lost a dozen flies on deep snags throughout the day.

All in all, it was a great day to be out fishing with my bro.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked:  Black Beauty, bwo emerger, Purple body emerger,( all size 20 or smaller )
Flow: 96cfs