Day 67

Spent the day on Clear Creek, starting up by Kermits and trying a few new spots on my way downstream.  It was a beautiful mid 60's day with just a hint of wind.  The creek was flowing around 40 cfs and mostly clear until the end of the day when the snowmelt clouded it up.

In one spot I could see a couple of fish swimming around but could not get them to take either dries or nymphs.  I find another group of fish in a different spot and get close as I could see a little one following a san juan worm but pulled away at the last second.  I fish for a few more hours with no action before I caal it a day.

Another great day out in the river, even being skunked.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  13' Traditional Tenkara
Flies that DID NOT work:  san juan worm, gold pheasant tail nymph, black beauty, bwo, parachute adams, pmd, extended body bwo, midge


  1. good stuff, Kevin. heading to BC tomorrow with Jason, hopefully we'll get Jason into his first fish of the season. what do you say, fishing sometime soon?

    1. I am up for that, but my days off are wednesday-thursday with an ocassional friday and saturday. Good luck tomorrow!


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