Day 87

Had the afternoon free so I went up to Bear Creek around 3:00pm with a partly cloudy day and just a hint of a breeze.  The flows were around 11cfs and the water was a little stained but I heard Mark got 10 fish the day before and I was sure I could get at least 11 fish.

I start the day fishing downstream from the parking lot by the picnic tables and work my way down around the next bend and run.  I tie on a size 20 parachute bwo I tied and let it dead drift through a couple runs with no luck when suddenly as I am picking the fly up I get a fish to rise.  I am trying the level line I got from tenkara which is much lighter and easier to keep off the water and turns out easy to twitch flies.  I try a couple of drifts where I twitch the fly to mimic a live bug and BAM! I have landed my first fish.  I keep at this method of twitching the fly and manage to catch ten in the first three hours with at least another six that got off.

To finish the day off I go back to where I started to see if I can catch the eleventh fish of the day.  I cast and twitch getting numerous fish to rise but can't seem to set the hook when finally I get number eleven!  I continue to around 8:00pm with alot of action but landing just one more fish.  I call it day with twelve landed and close to that hooked but off.  Fantastic day of fishing!

Rod:  Motsugo 9'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10'
Fly that worked:  Parachute BWO