Day 92

Wanted to beat the heat today so Derron and I got out early and headed up to Clear Creek.  We find a new spot and start fishing around 6:15am with the water crystal clear and running around 180cfs.  I start the day nymphing with no bug action to speak of.  I takes me a few different pattern changes before I finally hook a fish on a pheasant tail and get on the board with a 11" brown.  I keep fishing between a couple different runs and land a tiny brown before we drive to a new area downstream.

While I caught a couple fish it was a pretty frustrating start, losing five flies and getting hung up half a dozen times.  Derron experience was more frustrating, breaking his reel, losing flies and not catching anything.

I tie on a olive rs2 trailing the pheasant tail and start casting through a run and get little brown trout.  I continue to fish the same runs and manage to land two more, both on the rs2.  With Derron having no luck and it being a tougher day than we like, the day is called around 9:15am.

Got to try out the new rubber net, worked great, and not a bad three hours of fishing.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  3rd Gen Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked:  Pheasant tail nymph, Olive RS2
Flow:  180cfs