Day 90

Had a few hours so I decided to head up to Bear Creek to fish til sunset.  The creek was around 6cfs which was low and it was a pretty hot day.  That being said I had a great day of fishing basically one spot.  I started the day by the parking lot and caught two browns and two 12" or 13" rainbows before I move down by the dead tree and fish for the rest of the day.

I start casting through the runs and get a fish right off the bat.  I continue to do this for the next few hours catching numerous fish.  Most of the fish are caught as I am twitching the fly to mimic a live bug or biting it just as it lands.  For the most part the dead drift did not work so I did not use it very often.  Because I was having such good luck I tried a number of different patterns to see what might work best and to my suprise it was this bright orange sakasa kabari that just killed it.  Caught four fish on what must have been ten casts.  Equally to my suprise the fish did not like the red version of the same fly but liked a rojo midge emerger.

Throughout the day I caught close to twenty fish on at least six different flies I tied plus a couple others and called it a day as the sun went down.  Great day on the water!

Rod: Motsugo 9'
Line:  10' Hi-Vis Level line #3
Fly that worked best:  Bright Orange Sakasa Kebari size 16
Flow:  6cfs