Day 91

Had another afternoon free and headed up to Bear Creek again.  The flows were even lower than before and the fish were quite spooky.  With the flows around 4.8cfs and the warm weather I decided to start where I finished last time and just be quite and still while fishing one spot.

Just as before I try a number of different flies with about 8 patterns working and at least that many not working.  Once again the bright orange Sakasa Kebari was the fly delivering the most action and fish.  I catch all browns bar one 13" rainbow caught on an rojo midge emerger and the largest brown being around 12".

So because I did not move spots all day I had the nice experience of seeing deer walk right by me a few times.  Each time they we walk up, notice me sitting on a log and then proceed with their feeding or walking across the stream.

I call it a day around sunset with over a dozen caught on a bunch of flies I tied.  Throw in the deer and it was a great afternoon of fishing!

Rod:  Motsugo 9'
Line:  10' Hi-Vis level line #3
Flies that worked best: Bright Orange Sakasa Kebari
Flows:  4.8cfs