Day 89

I wanted to fish somewhere new so I tried Boulder Creek in Boulder Canyon between mile markers 38 and 32.  I started the day out by mile marker 38 but ran into another fisherman and did not get to fish the prime holes.  That being said I got three bites but no hookups before I decided to try a different spot.  I drive downstream a little ways and find a spot to myself .

I start casting to the far run with a realistic hopper and two casts in I get a a little brown trout.  I continue casting through the runs and pull out two more browns in the next half hour.  Moving downstream to the next pool I manage to get another right off the bat and move to the next little run.  After a little persistence I land another before I move back up to the original spot.

Over the coarse of the day I land over a dozen fish with a few more hooked but not landed and a bunch of close but not quite.  I switched between a bunch of different flies throughout the day including hoppers, bwo, parachute adams, crippled adams, rojo midge, rs2, and flies in purple, blue and chartreuse.  All caught at least one fish.

I call it day around 7:00pm not having seen another fisherman since the first move.  Another great day on the water.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  3rd Gen Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked:  Hoppers, rojo midge, parachute adams(in blue,purple,chartreuse,olive,gray), crippled adams,rs2(olive,gray)