Arkansas River Caddis Hatch

Headed down to the Arkansas River for the day with Mark and Derron after hearing the caddis hatch was going off.  We start the day off at a new spot for all of us as the river was super busy.  I head upstream while Mark and Derron head downstream.  I manage to land six nice sized browns on the Amy's Ant before heading back downstream to find the guys.  Mark manages one while Derron gets shut out at this spot so we decide to move up to Texas Creek.

We get to the Texas Creek area and there are a few fisherman already here.  Never the less we try this area out but no one has much luck.  I manage two, Mark gets one, and Derron is shut out again.  We decide to move on and fish one last spot that we have never fished before.
We get to the last spot and split ourselves up and start fishing.  The caddis hatch is in full swing by this time and we are all getting into fish.  Derron catches a half dozen while Mark manages to catch seven more and after switching up to a caddis pattern I manage to catch 14 more on the far side of the river.
Great day on the water with my brother and a buddy!
Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  Rigggs Nymphing Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Amy's Ant, Elk Hair Caddis