Windy day on the water

Started the day getting my fishing license and a little advice of where to go from the guys at Discount Fishing Tackle.  I headed up to Clear Creek and decided to try up high but the traffic was bad so I got off at I-70 and 6th and fished down from there to start the day.  Of coarse the wind was kicking up again which made the day a little more challenging.  I put on a extended body bwo in hopes of catching some fish on dries all day. 

I start at a new spot for me and work myself upstream.  The water is low and clear as I start, so I cast to the edges in the really slow pools.  Second pool I try and I get a 12" brown to take the fly after bouncing it off the rock.  I continue working my way upstream and am getting bites but can't get the hook set and keep pulling it out of the fishes mouth.  After an hour or so I have worked myself quite a ways upstream and now the water has become stained with runoff.  I manage to pull in two more browns before calling it here and driving further upstream to see if the water was clearer.

I try a spot below Dumont and am pleasantly surprised the water is clear.  This section has a few plunge pools and some good slack water on the edges.  After a number of cast with no action through a few holes I decide to head downstream to see if the bite would turn back on.  I find another section just down the road and once again am getting bites but can't set the hook.  A little rain storm rolls in so I decide to head further downstream and find a spot above Idaho Springs.
This was a spot I had never fished before but had wanted to for a while now.  Third pool I try and I get another little brown to hand.  I fish upstream and get a couple more bites but still can't set the hook right.  The rains catch back up to me so I decide to call it a day and head home.

Pretty good day fishing on Clear Creek even with the weather testing me.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Extended Body BWO