Few hours of fishing before the Broncos game

Headed back to Clear Creek for a few ours of fishing in the lower canyon before the first Broncos game of the season.  I try Huntsman gulch and start at the bottom of the island.  I manage to catch three buy the time I get to the top of the island, but then the fishing slows down.  I work upstream to the top of this section and catch five more before calling it a day and heading back to the car.

Broncos Win!!!!!

Rod:  Yamme 11'
Line:  Level Line 10'
Fly that worked:  Amy's Ant


  1. Awesome! Howard and I watched the game together Thursday evening in Superior, then fished Clear Creek today. My first time.

    Was that a tear I saw in Cam Newton's eye after another unexpected loss?

    1. What a great game! Can't believe they missed the field goal.

  2. Thanks for posting this Kevin. Now Fading Angler can see what Clear Creek looks like through the lens of a great photographer instead of the blurry eyes of an old guy. Beautiful photos.


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