Day 18

Went up to Boulder Creek today with Derron, Mark and Paul from 1:30pm to 7:00pm, starting at Rodgers Park (mile 32). The creek here has some pretty good spots up and down stream with plenty of areas for fish to hold.  The group fished for about 3 hours with only Mark catching a fish on a black beauty(nymph), so we decided to move into town.

We tried a spot right behind the stadium, the creek was narrow and the banks were covered with bushes and trees with branches everywhere.  This made fishing very tough for me and fairly frustrating getting hung up in the trees and losing flies all day.  With only one bite by a tiny fish that shook itself loose and 5 flies lost for the day I decided to call it quits around 6:30pm and watched the guys all land some fish on Red San Juan Worms before we called it a day and went to dinner.