Day 20

Went back to Bear Creek by myself today.  I started the day around 2:00pm and landed a 10" Brown after about a half hour of fishing on a Pale Morning Dun in the spot Derron and Mark like.  I move up and down stream around the hole over the next hour with a few bites but nothing hooked.  I move back to where I started and cast to the same spot on the edge right before the rocks and land another 10" Brown.

I take a little break and decided to move down stream, where I catch a 7" Brown after a few different holes and an  hour of fishing.  With not much luck down stream I decide to move back to where I started to finish the day.

I start casting to three different fish I can see feeding on the surface but can't any thing to bite.  I switch to a BWO and end up landing two 4" Browns to finish the day, but never could get one of the big fish to bite.  I did however get to see two beavers at the end of the day which was a perfect ending to a great day!