Day 21

Went up to Bear Creek for the second day in a row on another glorious day.  I started around 2:00pm again and headed up towards the spot.  I tried a couple of spots down stream of the area with no luck and decided to go to the spot and tied on a Elk Hair Caddis.

Over the next three hours I land seven fish with the biggest being a mere 9" Brown and the smallest a little 4" Brown, all caught on the Elk Hair Caddis.  I decide to take a break and then head down stream for the final three hours of the day.

I try a a few different spots with a couple of bites but no hook ups and move to a spot with a couple of pools on the side.  After a few casts I see a fish feeding on the surface in the lower pool and start casting to it.  Three casts in I hook a big Rainbow and as I go to net it, it shakes the hook out!  The Rainbow had to be at least 12" and was thick.  I keep fishing for another half hour with just a couple of nibbles and decide to call it a day.

For the second day in a row I saw some cool wildlife, this time a red fox at the end of the day when I was down stream.  Once again another great day of fishing on Bear Creek.