Day 19

Went up to Bear Creek on a beautiful day arriving around 9:00am and fishing until about 4:30pm.  The first spot I tried was the first spot you can access the creek, with a log and a rock making a little pool.  I cast to it using a Parachute Adams a couple of times with no luck and start to move on, when I stop myself and rethink what I am doing and cast one more time into the pool.  Fish on!  My third cast of the day and I landed a 8" Brown to start the day off.  I move up the creek to a new fishing hole with no luck and move up to where we caught fish the last time I was here.  After about ten minutes with no luck I decide to change to a Pale Morning Dun and start casting again.  A few minutes go by and I hook a fish, another 8" Brown to make two fish in the first couple hours.

Derron and Mark show up a few minutes later and start fishing the same area while I head up stream to the next hole.  Over the next couple of hours I move up stream to seven or so different spots catching a fish in all but two, and all on a Pale Morning Dun.  I was using a system of catch a fish in a hole and then move to the next hole, thinking the other fish were probably spooked.  After talking with Mark and Derron it turns out that may not be the case, as they caught between themselves eleven fish in a twenty yard section in the same amount of time.

We decide to take a break and then walk down stream to sections we have not fished yet.  I try about four different spots with no fish and decide to call it a day with seven fish landed in all.  Had a great day with no lost flies and only a couple of snags to top it all off.

Derron and Mark head further down stream past the second bridge to some beaver ponds to finish their day.  They said it was nice and open and could see the fish feeding on the surface.  They ended up catching a few fish apiece, with the largest being a 15" Brown  before calling it a day.

As a side note Mark was using a BWO and Grasshoppers most of the day and killing it.