Day 22

Third day in a row up at Bear Creek on another hot day with no wind.  I started the day with a elk hair caddis and was not having much luck and switched to a pale morning dun and started getting bites right off.  I decided to fish downstream all day for a change and came up with Derron and met Mark an hour later.  I landed one early and had another shake itself off the hook as Mark walked up and then moved down by the first bridge to fish a little pool before some rocks.  After about fifteen minutes of casting to a couple of fish I hook a good size brown but as I try to land it by bringing on to shore it shakes loose of the fly and escapes. 

Derron and Mark fish down stream with me for a while and then decide to try their old spot to finish the day.  I try a number of spots down stream and end up catching four browns on the day with another two hooked but not netted. Late in the day I end up seeing a male deer with fuzzy antlers on the other side of the stream to make it three straight days with a cool wild life sighting.