Day 34

Tried a new spot today and went to Eldorado Canyon State Park and fished South Boulder Creek.  Derron joined me around 3:00pm while I arrived around 2:30pm and fished the cascades coming down.  I ended up catching one 6" brown and had two more bites but couldn't set the hook.  As soon as Derron arrived we moved to the top of the park and started fishing.

The top portion is much flatter but pretty open and not a lot of overhang and has a bunch of good spots to fish in pools or riffles.  In about a 1/4 mile stretch I caught ten fish, including a 10" rainbow among all the browns.  Derron ended up with four fish before we decided to move downstream to the Boulder County open space park($5.00 to park).

We started just upstream of the bridge and each caught a 10" brown in the first holes we tried.  Then we walked upstream to a more open and flat section where we each caught another 10" brown just before sunset and called it a day.

For the day I only used two different flies: 1.stimulator  2.winged ant  
Fished with the Iwana and the 10 1/2 feet traditional line and 5x tippet