Day 40

Tried Bear Creek again for about four hours today on a perfect day and only one other fisherman that I saw.  I started upstream of the parking lot and tried the spot below the bench and got a number of bites but only one fish landed.  I cast a beetle right next to the edge in a little eddy and get a good strike and land a 10" brown.  I move up to our hole and catch two more 10" browns on the beetle.  Next I move up to where the beavers have started piling wood for a dam and try a winged ant.  I cast to a pool below a tree and catch another 10" brown to finish off the day.  Pretty good 1/2 day of fishing in the middle of  a hot summer day.

 Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10/12'
Flies that worked:  Beetle, Winged Ant