Day 35

Went to Cheeseman Canyon today with Derron to try for some bigger fish.  We started off just up from the bottom with Derron throwing a big green pretty realistic looking grasshopper and hooking a monster that jumped out of the water and must of been 20+ inches and thick before it shook itself loose.  Not to long after that, throwing a green grasshopper I hooked a 10"brown that went screaming upstream as soon as I hooked it and chewed the line off at the fly.  We moved upstream and I hooked a big rainbow, just to have it shake loose after about five seconds.  We keep moving upstream and I finally catch a 10" brown to get on the board but still seeking the bigger fish.  Derron hooks a couple more big fish but they all shake loose before he can land them.  I switch to a stimulator with a green body and hooked another big rainbow but this time the tippet came undone from the line and I lost fish and fly.  This was super frustrating because it was a knot coming undone that I tied that was the failure.  We called it a day with only one fish caught.

Fished the Unagi rod with 10 1/2 feet traditional line and 5x tippet
Flies that worked:stimulator(green body), grasshopper