Day 41

Spent four hours up at Bear Creek in the late afternoon on a really hot day today.  Started downstream of the parking lot and started fishing a winged ant but only got a few sniffs before I switched to a beetle and landed a 9" brown trout.  I move downstream and catch a 10" brown on the winged ant and take a little break before I move down to the beaver ponds.  I start up top with the winged ant and get what must have been 7 bites but no takers before I start changing flies and moving downstream.  I start casting to the far bank near the bottom where I see a fish coming up and nosing every fly I throw until six flies later it takes a beetle and I land a good size 12" brown trout for my third and final fish of the day.  I fish for another hour with no luck and call it a day.  As I was leaving saw a deer just outside the parking lot to top off the day.

Rod:  Matsugo 9'
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked: Beetle, Winged ant


  1. There'ts that beetle again! Check out my Beetle Kebari flytying video on

    The Tenkara Ambassador


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