Day 51

Hiked down to French Lake( California ) for the day with Dax and Jessica and started fishing at the inlet by some dead trees.  I tie on a winged ant and start casting from the shore by one of the dead trees, after a few casts with no luck I see a fish feed on the surface twenty feet to my left.  Quickly moving over I cast to where I thought I saw the fish and within three casts I hook a rainbow trout.  I bring it to net and have officially caught my first lake fish, a nice 13" Rainbow.  Great start to the day, fish caught in the first half hour of fishing!  We start hiking along the shoreline trying a few casts here and there before we stop on a little island.  I try a spot on the far side but don't have any luck and decide to move to the point of the island.  After quite a few casts as I am pulling the fly in a rainbow goes for it by I yank it away from him before he can get it.  I immediately cast again and the fly lands two feet from the fish and it attacks the fly, and I have caught my second 13" Rainbow of the day.  We do some hiking and leave French Lake with two fish caught in a couple hours worth of fishing, Awesome!

 Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Fly that worked:  Winged Ant