Day 52

As we are driving back to Bolinas from Meadow lake we decide to drive along the South Fork of the American River and stop to fish for an hour or so.  We find a pullout next to the river and start fishing in a nice big pool.  After a number of casts and no action I move to some faster moving water with small pockets to see if I can get something.  I try a couple of spots with no luck when I try a little pool on the far side, and with the second cast I hook a fish, which shook itself off.  I throw to the edge of a riffle and get a couple of bites before I finally get a 7" Rainbow in the net.  I try a couple more spots with no luck before it's time to go.  Caught my fourth fish of the trip in my third river and feeling pretty good!

Rod:  12' Iwana
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Fly that worked:  Elk hair Caddis