Day 57

Headed up to the Poudre River today with Mark on a sunny but windy day.  We started the day at the spot Mark fished as a kid and figured we catch some fish then maybe try somewhere else.  I started the day throwing a BWO but did not have any luck so I switched to a ant and still no action.  I finally switch to a beetle and land a 10" brown on the far edge.  Mark having no luck either ties on a black hopper and we move upstream where the river splits.

Mark takes the smaller left side and I take the main channel and we meet at the top.  I fish a couple of pools by some rocks and manage to land a 9" rainbow on a winged ant to make two so far.  Mark lands one right as he starts his way in the first pool to get on the board and works his way up hooking seven more but having them all shake off.

We decide to try the wild trout section further up the canyon to finish off the day.  Mark still using a black hopper was having a tough day with four more hookups but no more landed.  I would say the fly the fish liked most out of what we threw was the black hopper.  I put on a extended body BWO and land a 11" rainbow in the middle of the river right where we walked up.  I then change to a BWO and see a fish feeding on the far side of a rock and on my first cast to it I hook and land another 11"rainbow to finish off the day.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Traditional Tenkara 10 1/2'
Flies that worked:  BWO, Beetle, Winged Ant, Black Hopper(best fly of the day)