Day 111

Wanted to try some new water this week and decided to try the upper Arkansas River.  I get up to just short of Leadville and pull over at a turnout around noon.  I pull out the rod and start casting through the runs when I get a little brookie in about ten minutes.  I move upstream a little and cast to a pool a land another little brookie before the rains come over and I decide to drive past Leadville and try a spot.

I settle on Hayden Ranch at Kobe and try right at the parking area.  I cast to through a couple of runs with no luck before I cast along the bank and land a 10" brown to get things started.  I move to just upstream of the bridge and cast through the pool of a long little waterfall.  After a number of casts with no action I drag one across the pool when I get a good size brown to come out of the water but not take the fly.  I move downstream a little and try a couple more spots with no luck when the rain comes back and I head back to the car.

After a few hours of rain I decide to head to Halfmoon Rd and do some camping by the creek.  Pretty good day of fishing except for all the rain.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #4
Fly that Worked:  Parachute Adams