Day 114

I didn't make it down to Browns Canyon last week so tried it again this week with success.  I get to the canyon late after checking out little browns and browns creeks to see if you could fish them, no.  I get to the river around 5pm and start fishing right below the campground.

I tie on a tan para-hopper and start casting to a pool behind a huge boulder.  After a few casts I see a fish rise to the fly as I am pulling it up and miss it.  With no more action after that I move upstream to a bunch of pocket water behind boulders.  Over the next couple of hours I manage to catch six fish right below the campground.  To end the day I move back to where I missed the fish before to see if I could get it.  I cast through a couple of times when it comes up and eats the fly and I have landed a nice 14" brown to finish the day.

I did not get to spend as much time on the water as I would have liked but was pretty happy about the number and size of the browns and rainbows I caught on some new water.  On a side note I did try some night shots.

Rod:  Unagi 12' Universal Tenkara Rod 7/3
Line:  12' His-Vis Level Line #4
Fly that Worked:  Tan Para-Hopper