Day 113

Third day of trip and the campsites are filling up.  Thankfully no one is fishing and I still have the creek to myself.  I decide to start the day the same as the last and head straight over to the creek.  It's about 10am as I get started and not to long before I have landed my first fish of the day.  As before I move upstream fishing every spot I can and getting pretty good results. The rain starts to come down around noon and I decide to call it a day on the creek with eight fish in for the day and one being a Rainbow Trout.

I pack up and decide to head home and do a little fishing along the way.  I stop at a pullout along Ten Mile Creek to try my luck with a little nicer weather on this side of the pass.  I cast to a pool that I think has a fish but get nothing when I change up to a olive para-hopper and on my first cast I hook a nice 11" Brown Trout.  I try a few more pools and runs with no luck before I drive further downstream and pull in at the gas station at Copper Mountain next to the creek.  Not to long into it I have landed a little Brook Trout  and then another and another.  I have been fishing for less than a half hour and have not moved more than 100 feet.  I find a little area with a tiny plunge pool and start casting to the pool.  With no luck to be had on the surface I cast through the plunging water and sure enough come up with a fish.  I have landed a nice 12" cutthroat to make a grandslam for the day even if it wasn't on a single creek.

I call it a day and head home with another good of fishing on some new water.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #4
Fly that worked:  Parachute Adams, Olive Para-Hopper,