Day 112

Second day of the trip and I decide to fish Halfmoon Creek for the day.  I start the day around 10am and start just outside my campsite.  I'm in an open meadow setting with a meandering creek with plenty of water to fish.  I tie on a Parachute Adams #16 I got at a local fly shop in Leadville and start fishing through a couple spots when I land a little Rainbow Trout.  I move upstream  and find a nice pool to fish to that I just know holds a fish.  Two casts in and I have landed a 10" Brown Trout to make the second type of trout for the day.  I keep moving upstream and manage to land another couple of fish which just happen to be Brook Trout and the third type of the day.

I decide to move downstream for whatever reason and fish in more of an open meadow.  This a classic freestone creek and I am having great action at almost every spot I try.  Over the coarse of the day I move downstream maybe a mile or so and have managed to land just short of thirty fish for the day.                          

One particular Brown Trout was caught when I cast to a little pool and a two inch fish go's for the fly and this big 12" Brown goes after the fish I think, misses him and I hook the big Brown.  I thought I was going to have a little fish swallowed by a big fish for a double!  Oh well, one at a time I guess.                                          

I call it a day around 6pm when the rain comes in and head back to camp with a fantastic day of fishing in the books. Caught all but a couple on the Parachute Adams I got at the fly shop.

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 12' #4
Fly That Worked:  Parachute Adams #16