Day 115

I get up and am on the water around 10am today and start where I finished last night.  I still have on the tan para-hopper but am getting no action what so ever.  I try a few patterns with no luck before I finally find something that works. A Royal Coachman Parachute #18 was the winner and had action all day.

I move my way upstream hitting all the pocket water along the way.  Throughout the day I catch around fifteen fish mostly browns but a few rainbows scattered in.  I did manage to catch two good sized rainbows in the range of 15" and 18" that put up great fights.  The larger of the two I caught in front of this little boulder in water about two feet deep.  I cast to the pool and it missed it, so I cast again right away and it explodes and takes the fly.

I walk up the canyon only about a mile or two before I call it a day around 6pm and walk the tracks back to camp with a smile on my face from a great day of fishing.

Rod:  12' Unagi Universal Tenkara Rod
Line:  12' Hi-Vis Level Line #4
Fly that Worked:  Royal Coachman Parachute #18