A few hours on Clear Creek

Got out on a beautiful day and headed up to Clear Creek to do a little fishing for the day.  I get to the creek around 10:15 and tie on a Purple Stimi down to a Le Bug I tied up last week.  I walk downstream a ways before working my way back upstream for the day.  I pick a sunny part of the creek to start the day, hoping the sun has warmed the water a little and got the fish moving.

I work the edges and after a few casts I have my first fish of the day.  I catch a little brown on the Le Bug, and then another and another.  As I work upstream hitting the slack water on the sides, the Stimi starts to work and I'm picking fish up pretty consistently.  I fish for about 3 hours landing a bunch of browns and hooking and loosing my fair share before I call it a day and head back to the car.

Pretty good day of fishing in November, and I only lost two flies.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Purple Stimi, Le Bug(black,purple)