Beautiful day on Boulder Creek

Headed up to Boulder Creek on a beautiful fall day with the temp near 70 and a slight breeze.  I decide to try a spot below the falls to start and work my way up the canyon if this spot doesn't work.  I tie on a stimulator(Purple) and a parachute adams and make my way to the creek.  I cast through a couple pools with no luck, having a couple sniff at the stimi but not take it.  I am in a shady section of the canyon and it's still a little chilly, so I am thinking of finding a sunny spot where the fish may be a little more active.

I drive upstream a little and find a pullout in the sun to try my luck.  Second pool and I have my first little brown of the day.  I work this section for the next half hour and catch just two fish so I decide to head further up canyon.

I find another spot in the sun to try, this time a steeper section with plunge pools.  As I walk up to the creek I notice a gentleman downstream of me fishing, so I decide to walk upstream a ways to keep out of his way.  I cast through a couple spots with no luck and start working my way upstream.  I'am back in the shadows again and not having any luck with the dries, so i change up my rig and put a zug bug below the stimi.  I continue upstream , again with no luck, and decide to try a new spot.

I find a nice steep section above the falls and in the sun to finish off the day.  I start casting through the pools and am picking up fish every few holes.  I get to a nice big pool behind a boulder and cast right up against the boulder.  As soon as the fly hit the water Bam!  A big Rainbow comes up and kills the stimi, scattering two smaller fish in the pool.  I get the rainbow in and it's a nice fat 13" for my biggest fish on boulder creek to date.  I keep working upstream and come to another nice plunge pool.  I cast into it and let the fly sit, when a big brown comes up and sips the stimi down.  Not as thick, but another 13" fish to finish off the day right.  The wind picked up, making it tough to cast so I call it day and head back to the car.

Pretty good day on the creek, and siked about the two big ones I caught!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Flies that worked:  Zug Bug, Stimulator(purple)


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