Another day on Bear Creek

Headed up to Bear Creek with my buddy Mark after him telling me he had a great day of fishing on dries the day before.  We decided to park at Little Park and work our way upstream for the day.  Arriving at the creek around 9am we both tie on nymphing rigs to start the day. 

After a couple holes with no action, I end up getting a little brown on the egg to start the day.  I continue to work my way upstream but get no more action at all.  I meet up with Mark around the bridge only to find out he has had no luck so far.

Mark finds a spot just above the bridge and pulls out a couple good size fish while I take a little break.  After the break I head upstream fishing a number of holes with no luck before coming to the old beaver ponds.  I fish the far side but get nothing when Mark comes up to meet me.  While I have had no luck Mark has been catching a number of fish on the purple san juan worm. 

I notice some fish feeding on the surface so I switch up to dries and try my luck.  I switch up flies a dozen times trying to find a pattern that the fish will go after.  After a while I finally catch a little brown on the sprout midge and continue to cast to the rising fish.  I fish till three with multiple fish rising but can't get another bite, before I call it a day and head back downstream to find Mark.

We call it a day with Mark having a good day on the Purple San Juan Worm while I had a tough two fish day with an egg pattern and numerous dries.  Still good to get out for a day of fishing before work. 

Rod:  Wakata 9' 5/5
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that Worked:  Purple San Juan Worm, Egg, Sprout Midge