South Boulder Creek

Headed out to South Boulder Creek with Mark hoping we would both have a good day of fishing.  The flows were around 160cfs which was up from the last time I was here a week ago.  We both start the day nymphing with an egg and any number of different things trailing before switching to dries to finish off the day.
I start the day fishing a couple of holes up high that I have had good luck at before.  The first hole gives up nothing so I move onto the second.  First cast in and a little Rainbow crushes the egg and I have my first fish of the day.  I try a couple more spots with no luck before heading downstream and trying to find Mark.

I find Mark only to find out he has had no luck at all.  We decide to head downstream a past where Mark has fished before and find some good water.  We separate again and I walk downstream and find a nice section with big boulders and pools to try.  After casting a couple of times and seeing a fish come up and try and eat my indicator, I switch to dry flies and start casting again.  I try a number of pools with no luck before finding a nice section of slack water on the edge of a run.  I cast a few times and get a couple sniffs but no takers.  As I am changing flies I can see a few different fish feeding on the surface so I decide to try a size 20 bwo on the back of a size 16 parachute adams.  Two casts in and I have hooked a little brown for my second fish of the day.  After a quick release I start casting back to the same area as before and manage to hook another little Rainbow for my third fish of the day.  By this time Mark has come down to where I'm fishing and taken a little break.  Mark fishes back upstream a ways while I take a break myself.

I come to a good size pool between some big boulders and start casting into it.  After numerous casts I finally get a fish but it's mishooked in the belly.  With a little help from Mark the little brown is caught and released as quick as possible.  Mark heads upstream to try his luck while I cast back into the same pool.  Sure there's another fish in the pool I cast right up against the rocks and after a few casts I finally get another little rainbow to bite.  I try a couple more spots with no luck before I put the rod away and go find Mark.

Mark is fishing a hole where we both know fish live and have caught before as I walk up.  Not having caught a fish all day, Mark ends up pulling two fish out and a couple of near misses in the pool before we decide to call it a day.

After starting the day around 9:30am and having a beautiful day to fish we end around 3pm as we both have to work that night.  Fantastic day of fishing on one of the more beautiful days we have had in a while.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs floating line 12'
Flies that worked:  Egg, BWO