Two fish day on the South Platte River

Got out for the day to do some fishing with Mark.  We headed down to the Deckers area to start but the river was crowded so we decided to head downstream to where the North Fork comes in.  The North Fork was flowing around 700cfs and made the water completely muddy and unfishable.  After talking about where to try next we decide to head up to Goose Creek and try our luck there.

We hike down to Goose Creek only to find the creek running high and fairly stained.  We give it try anyway but don't manage to get anything over the next hour or so.  With no luck to be had, we pick up and walk back to the car.  Along the way we decide to try Wigwam Creek next, hoping the smaller creek would be a little clearer.
With neither of us ever having fished Wigwam Creek we did not know what to expect.  The creek ended up being small and very brushy with branches over most of the creek.  We both try just a couple spots with no luck before we call it here and head back to the car and wait out the rain that started.
After the rains pass we decide to head back to the South Platte hoping the rains had driven most of the other anglers away.  Mark finds a pullout he likes and we start fishing, Mark upstream and me downstream.  After a few casts with dry flies and no action I decide to change up to a Pat's Rubber Legs followed by a Golden Stone.  After trying a nice deep run with no luck I decide to move downstream.  As I am walking I cast to a little depression in front of me and hook into a fish.  After a nice long fight a manage to land a nice 15" fat Brown on the Golden Stone for my first fish of the day. 

I take a little break and take some photos of Mark before wading back across the river.  As I am wading across the river I cast to a run on the far side of a concrete piling for the bridge and hook into another fish.  Just as before, a fairly long fight ensues before I finally land it.  Much to my surprise I have landed another big Brown, this one in the 16" range.

We pick up after we each had caught a couple fish and move to another spot on the river.  Mark ends up catching a half dozen fish at the last spot while I only manage to hook into one that fish that quickly breaks me off.

We ended up driving around to find the good spots to fish but thankfully we both got onto some fish to finish the day off right. 

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Riggs Floating Line 12'
Fly that Worked:  Golden Stone, Chocolate Thunder


  1. Nice Fish! I was on the south Platte on Friday as well. Incredible how the rain scared everyone away. I hit Cheesman canyon and hiked in a couple of miles while it was raining. After the storm conditions were perfect and I didn't see another fisherman until I was almost out of the canyon. Think I might have to plan future trips for stormy days :}

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Getting out after the rain may be my new favorite time to fish. It's crazy how busy it was, but now it looks like only Eleven Mile Canyon is the only spot not in runoff.


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