Bear Creek with Dry Flies

Headed up to Bear Creek today by myself for a few hours of dry fly fishing.  My buddy Mark had gone up yesterday and had a great day using small bwo's and midge's.  I start the day at the normal spot and then work downstream later in the day.  I get to the creek around 11am with the flows around 55cfs and the water pretty clear with just a touch of stain to it.
I cast through a number of spots at the first hole but only get one fish to even sniff at the flies.  With people above and below me I decide to pick up and walk downstream to a less crowded section of water.  I end up fishing just above the old beaver pond with not another sole in sight.
I can see fish feeding on the surface on the far side of the creek and start my casting.  A few casts in I hook into a good size brown, and after a good little battle I have landed a nice 12" brown to start the day.  Over the next couple hours I keep switching up flies, going from different bwo's and midges once the fish turned off the previous pattern.  So during this couple of hours I land two more 12"+ browns and hook another four that get off during the fight.

With some early afternoon storms rolling through I decide to call it a day around 3pm and head back to the car.  Overall had a pretty good day once I got away from the crowd and I got to fish dry flies the whole time!

Rod:  Wakata 9'5/5
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that Worked:  BWO, Midge


  1. It was your "big fish" day! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.


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