Another good day at Eleven Mile Canyon

Mark and headed down to Eleven Mile canyon for the day due to the fact that every other river is in runoff mode while the canyon was running low and crystal clear.  Once again the weather was beautiful to start the day but the winds picked up towards the end.  For the most part, Mark was nymphing while I stuck to dries on this day with equal success.

We start the day at the bridge where we normally fish and Mark fishes downstream while I fish upstream.  I begin throwing a double dry setup but don't get any action so I tie on a emerger as the second fly and end up landing a couple fish as I work upstream.  I finally see a fish feeding on the surface and switch back to the double dry setup.  Two casts in and land my third fish of the day on a bwo before picking up and walking down to find Mark.

I see Mark but decide to fish the inside bend just above him and pull in a little brown trout before taking a little break.  Mark and I take a little break and I find out Mark has four fish so far but is catching his on nymph rigs.  After the break we switch it up and I fish downstream while he heads up.

I go below the riffles and start finding the slack water areas to cast my dries to.  With a little work I manage to catch three more browns before I pick up and head upstream to find Mark.  We meet up at the car and after comparing numbers we deadlocked at seven each.  We take a little lunch break and drive upstream to fish a new area.

We try a new spot that looks like we should have some good fishing but after an hour or so of fishing neither of us have had any luck and we decide to call it for the day and head back to the car.  All in all a pretty good day of fishing with a buddy.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled line 12'
Flies that worked:  BWO, Black Beauty, Chocolate Thunder, Rainbow Warrior


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