Good day on Cub Creek

Mark and I decided to try out Rocky Mountain N.P. for the day and see if the high mountain creeks and rivers are fairing a little better than the lower rivers in runoff.  We try Glacier Creek first then work our way to Cub Creek and finish the day on the Big Thompson River.
We get to Glacier Creek and start working our way downstream.  Neither of us was having any luck despite the fact that both of us were switching up flies to try and find something that would work.  Mark ends up catching one fish before we call it here and head down to Moraine Park.

We get to Moraine Park and decide to try Cub Creek again.  As we get to the creek Mark heads downstream while I work upstream.  I try a few different patterns before I finally put on a big green Amy's Ant and start catching some fish.  I find some slower water and start working the edges pulling a fish out every other spot or so.  Some of the smaller brookies I am catching can barely fit the fly in their mouths.  I meet back up with Mark to find out he has been catching his fish on a purple san juan worm.  After a little break we decide to head down to the Big Thompson River in the canyon to finish off the day.

Mark finds a spot with a couple of good runs and we try our luck.  I work upstream fishing the close bank while Mark fishes the runs downstream.  I manage to get a couple of bites but no fish to hand.  After an hour or so we call it  day and head back to the car.

Another great day of fishing in the mountains with a bud and perfect weather!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Flies that worked:  Green Amy's Ant, Purple San Juan Worm