Back to the Fraser with Derron and Mark

We haeded back to the Fraser River for the day and wanted to try out the canyon section of the river to start.  This section we were hoping would be a little less crowded as it took a ten minute walk down a hill to get to the river.  Sadly this was not the case and the river was packed.  We walk downstream a ways trying to find an open section to fish but only manage to find spots in between other anglers.  Mark ends up catching three while I have two hooked but both get off and Derron gets skunked.  My second fish ended up breaking the tip of my rod so we call it a day in the canyon and head back to the car.

At the car we decide to try a section of river behind the Safeway in Fraser that we were told holds some bigger fish.  After switching to my bigger rod we head to the river and try our luck.  Mark is catching a few while Derron is getting plenty of action but just can't seem to hook a fish.  Meanwhile I head upstream from them and get a fish at nearly every spot I try on a Parachute Adams.  I walk back downstream to see how the guys are doing and tell them to switch to a Adams.  Mark starts picking fish off in each hole while Derron and I head upstream to see if we can get him on some fish.  Still getting plenty of strikes Derron still could not hook into a fish.  I try a couple more spots while Derron changes up flies and catch a couple fish before Derron is ready to go.  I stop fishing and give Derron my fly that seconds ago just landed a fish but same old story, Derron gets action but no fish.

With Derron frustrated we call it a day and head back to the car.  Despite Derron's bad luck, Mark and I have a pretty good fishing day on the Fraser.
Rod:  Unagi 12' 7/3
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Parachute Adams