Good day on Clear Creek

Today I headed up to Clear Creek after first trying Bear Creek.  When I got to Bear Creek I found the water stained even though the flows have been decreasing for a week.  i fished it for about a half hour with no luck before calling it and heading over to Clear Creek.

My first stop is at a new spot to me and in the lower section of the canyon.  This section was mostly stair stepped plunge pools on the edges which worked well for my wet wading.  I walk downstream from the car a ways and fish my way back up over the next couple of hours.  After trying a few different flies I land on a parachute adams and manage to land five at this spot.  It's still early so I decide to head upstream a little and find a new spot.

The new spot is set up the same as the other so I work my way up the near bank.  Still throwing an adams I pull in another five at this spot with a couple more hooked but not caught.  By the time I end it's 6:30pm and I head back home with a good day of fishing in the books.

Rod:  Wakata 9' 5/5
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Parachute Adams