Fishing the Fraser River for the first time

Headed up to fish the Fraser River for the first time and tried a spot up high and worked my way downstream  later in the day.  When I got to the river it was raining and had no sign of letting up so I put on my gear and head out to fish.  Even with all my extra layers it still ended up being a pretty cold outing and I managed to last about an hour on the first stint.

My first section I stopped at was just outside Mary Jane ski resort and was a mix of steep plunge pools and a meandering stream through a pine forest.  I manage to land seven fish before my hands were freezing and I had to head back to the car to warm up.

I take a lunch break hoping the weather would clear a little before heading downstream to find a new spot.  I stop at one of the campgrounds where the host tells me to try a spot in Fraser.  I get to the spot and thankfully the rain has stopped for the moment.  I end up finding a nice section and work my way upstream over the next few hours.  After the first pool and run I try six fish are in and one really good size rainbow.  Moving through a few different holes catching fish in each I finally get to a nice slack water pool on the edge of a bend.  This ended up being the money hole as I caught numerous fish including a couple big brookies and a 16" fat rainbow.

To finish the day I work back downstream and catch a couple more including a nice 12" brook to put a cap on the day.  Great day on a new river!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Parachute Adams