South Boulder Creek

Headed up to South Boulder Creek below Gross Res. for the day to try my luck.  The weather was perfect and the flows were around 20cfs.  I fished most of the usual spots but had to switch from a Amy's Ant to a Extended Body BWO to get the fish to bite.  After about seven hours of fishing I managed to catch eleven fish and called it a day.  Great day in the mountains!

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Extended Body BWO


  1. Looking at your photographs make me feel like I'm fishing on another planet Kevin. Nice job.

  2. Hello, Kevin. Let me take just a minute to praise what I see on your wonderful blog. I live in Loveland so a lot of the waters you fish are waters that I, too, might enjoy. I have not gotten into Tenkara yet so I won't necessarily follow along for that benefit. However, I love your photography and will enjoy seeing the local waters from your perspective. Besides, who knows, I might learn some Tenkara someday. I have added your blog to my BlogBuddies blogroll over on my blog. If you get a chance stop over and say hello.

    1. Thanks Mel! If you want to try Tenkara, you should check out Zen Fly Fishing. They are based in Loveland and run by two great people(Adam and Karen).


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