Good day on Clear Creek

Headed up to Clear Creek below Dumont  a little earlier than usual to get first crack at one of my favorite stretches of water.  For me that meant I hit the water just after 10am.  Luckily that was good enough and nobody was fishing.  I tie on a Amy's Ant and head to the water.

I start the day casting to a slack water section just in front of me on the near side and get a little brown on the second cast.  I cast to the middle and get a couple to snap at it but not take it before I cast to the far side and get another 10" brown.  I continue working upstream casting to every part of the creek I think may hold a fish and start landing a fish every other hole.  By the time I get to the top of the section I have landed 27 9"-10" Browns.

With a good day of fishing already completed I decide to head up to the West Fork of Clear Creek to finish off the day and take some photos with my new camera(Samsung NX3000).  I get to the Creek just below the falls and try my luck at fishing the pool before taking some photos and manage to catch a couple cutthroat and a brookie.  I fish above the falls for a ways but only get one brookie and don't see any fish, so I call it day for the fishing and trade my rod for a tripod and head back to the falls.
After taking some shots of the falls(sorry for the heavy photo post) I call it a day and head home with a smile on my face(Love the new camera).
Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Amy's Ant


  1. Wonderful, Kevin, just keep those excellent pictures of your trips coming. What a calling card for you!

  2. It only took me several months to realize that no matter how much I love fishing in the canyon, I'll never match your catch ratio fishing there. Maybe it's time to move.

    1. My secret is covering a lot of water. I spend only seconds at each spot and move on if I don't catch anything.


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