South Fork White River day 1

First day of the camping trip and I get to the river around 5pm.  With it being late in the day I decide to fish just up from the campsite.  I tie on a Amy's Ant on 5x tippet and start fishing my way upstream.  It doesn't take long and I have a nice size rainbow in hand.  I work all the pockets and riffles and runs over the next couple hours and manage to land seven, including a really nice 15" rainbow.  I decide to call it around 7:30pm and head back to camp.  Pretty good start to the trip.

Rod:  Iwana 12' 6/4
Line:  Furled 12'
Fly that Worked:  Amy's Ant


  1. Nice rainbow! Amy's Ant appears to be your go-to fly for most streams. Do you tie 'em or buy 'em?

    1. Thanks! It is my go-to fly this year for sure. Been using it since March. Sadly I am not very good at tying and buy them for $2.99 each

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