Day 10

Got out for four hours at the end of the day up Clear Creek with Derron. The weather was nice and almost no wind, we could see fish as we walked up. Looked like it was going to be a good day.

We started fishing in Idaho Springs at the highway overpass. I started where we could see the fish and Derron went a little farther down stream. I was throwing a Pre-Morning Dun #16 and a Light Cahill #18, which was the same setup I used the last time I was here. After about 15 minutes I get a bite and land a 8" Brook Trout on the PMD. I start back up and within ten casts got another bite. Once again it's a 8" Brook landed on the PMD.

I take a little break and go down and see how Derron is doing, only to find out he has had no luck. I watch him fish for a while before he heads up to where I started and I try a few spots on my way back up stream.

I fish with no luck in about four spots before I head back up to where I started. Derron caught two and moved under the highway to fish, so I tried the same spot I started at. Within ten minutes or so I have landed my third fish of the day, on you guessed it a PMD. It is only a little 7" Brook but ties the most fish I have caught in one day. We fish a little longer and decide to go to the first tunnel just outside Golden.

As we are walking down to the creek we pass a couple of guys who said the fish are active but were not taking what they were casting. We start at the first slow pool area twenty yards apart and can see fish feeding. After fishing for about fifteen minutes I hook another fish on the PMD. It's another 8" Brook and has set a new personal record for fish caught in one day. I move up stream just past the log at the second pool and try my luck. After twenty casts to different parts of the pool I finally get a bite, a 8" Brook on the PMD, my fifth of the day!

I try a few other spots with no luck and we call it a day. Five for the day, best day so far!