Day 16

My weekly trip to Clear Creek for fishing started around 2:00pm at the spot in Idaho Springs on a beautiful day with almost no wind.  As I walked up to the creek, it was high and I could not see any fish feeding.  I start off with a Parachute Adams and after a few casts I land a 6" Brown.  I can now see a couple of fish feeding but can't get any more bites with the Adams so I decided to try a Pale Morning Dun.  After quite a few casts I get a bite but can't set the hook and the fish gets away.  I take a little break and then start casting to this little pool.  On one of my casts I am pulling the fly in just as a fish was about to eat it, and am a little pissed at myself.  I cast to the fish another twenty times when I finally get a bite.  The fish takes off and takes my fly off the line( I really need to get better at tying knots) and another fish is gone.  I fish for about a half hour more with no luck and decide to try somewhere else.

I try a couple different spots where the tunnels are with no luck and call it a day after about four hours of fishing.  Another good day in the mountains.