Day 17

I decided to try a new spot, South Boulder Creek just outside Pinecliff.  I had to walk the railroad tracks for a quarter mile or so and then follow a creek side trail bordered by private property to get to the creek.  Its a beautiful creek with cascades just above where I came down, but also a bunch of nice pools and boulders in the creek for places for the fish to hold.  The water was running high from runoff and was pretty murky and to fast to wade across to reach all the spots.  I walked down stream a quarter mile or so trying a bunch of different spots with no bites or even seeing a fish feeding on the surface.  After a hour or so I decide to leave and go to Clear Creek.

The spot in Idaho Springs was running high from runoff just like South Boulder Creek and was pretty murky also.  I couldn't see any fish in the water or any activity of feeding on the surface but knew there were fish there.  I tried a number of different flies with no luck and call it a day after two hours.

No fish but enjoyed a nice day in the mountains.