Day 12

We started the day where we finished the previous day to see if our luck would continue.  An hour or so went by with no bites or any activity in any of the spots we tried, so we decide to move upstream.

After a little looking we find a fairly calm section of water with a pine tree growing sideways out over the river.
 I wade out in the river stomach deep and start casting to a few spots where I can see fish feeding on the surface.  Within a few casts I get a couple of bites but fail to set the hook because I am either pulling it to soon or in the wrong direction.  About twenty casts in I land a 13" Brown Trout on the same BWO as the day before.  Feeling good, I decide to take a break for a little bit.  I get back out to the same spot and start casting over some fish I see feeding.  The fish were biting but I was still missing opportunities to set the hook and land a fish.  After a few more casts I finally set the hook and land a 11" Rainbow Trout.  The BWO I am still using from the day before has caught four fish but had lost it's wings by the second fish and is now just a olive body with a tail and the indicator.

Derron finally gets a 12" Rainbow Trout and we call it a day around 3:00 and meet some friends for some beers.  A good finish to a great day!