Day 14

I had a Friday off and went up to Clear Creek near Idaho Springs again on what was a beautiful day.  I tied on The BWO I used at the Frying Pan that was looking pretty torn up at this point.

After only a few casts I landed a little 5" Brook Trout and erased all doubt if the fly would work.  I start casting again and not ten casts into it I land a 8" Brown Trout and having the best start to a day so far.  Next I start casting over a deeper section in the middle to a fish I can see feeding on the surface.  After twenty casts or so I finally land it, a fat 12" Rainbow Trout.   At this point I have caught three of the four types of Trout you can catch in Clear Creek and am feeling great.  I get back to fishing, still using the same BWO, that is looking pretty sad at this point, but still working.  Over the next hour or so I catch four more fish ranging in size from 6" to 11" with three being Brook Trout and one being a Brown Trout.  This has brought my total to seven for the day in the first 2 hours of fishing.

I take a break for a little bit and then start back fishing where I can see the fish still feeding.  With no luck or strikes at the fly I decide to change flies.  I tie on a Cahill Light and then a new BWO with no further luck.  I can see the flies floating over the fish but they are not striking it, which needless to say is frustrating.

I call it a day with seven being my final tally and head back home.  Looking back I should have tried a few more fly patterns before giving up on a spot where I could see fish feeding.  Any way you look at it though I had a great day of fishing, and my best to date!

I did get a new point and shoot camera that lets me take underwater video and pictures. Here is a first try at the video.