Day 11

Today was the first day of a three day trip to Glenwood Springs.  The Frying Pan river was the only river in the area open to fishing because of the runoff, so that's what we fished all three days.

The weather was sunny but kinda windy to make casting more difficult.  Derron was nymphing and ended up catching a 11" Rainbow after a couple of hours, while I was trying different dries because nothing I tried was getting any bites even though I could see fish rising to feed on the surface.  Of coarse this made it very frustrating for the first four hours of the day.

 We decide to try a different spot to see if we will have better luck.  After about an hour of casting with no bites still we decide to move down stream again.

The next spot ends up being an area with submerged trees and a couple of pools that we fish for the last hour of our day.  I start by the trees and can see some fish feeding and get a couple strikes but I fail to hook them.  I cast a few more times with no luck and move over to a pool where I can see a fish feeding.  With a bwo I start casting to different spots in the pool and get a few strikes but can't set the hook.  I keep trying and finally land a 14" Rainbow.  I have just gone from super frustrated to ecstatic in just seconds by landing my biggest fish ever!  I move back by the trees and after twenty casts or so land a 11" Rainbow to make two for the day on the same bwo fly.  The suns going down and we call it a day.


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