Day 15

It has been a week and I am back on clear creek for a day of fishing.  I started around 9:00am and went up to the spot by Idaho Springs to see if I could catch something to start the day off right.  It had been raining the past couple of days and the creek was a little higher than the last few times I was here.  I could see no fish in the water or any fish feeding on the surface but was sure there were fish there.  I cast for about hour with no bites or any activity and decide to try somewhere else.

I Try a little farther down stream at tunnel 6, which is a nice spot away from the road.  In about a quarter mile stretch between the ends of the tunnel there are quite a few pools and runs to be fished.  With the water running high some of the spots were inaccessible but I could see they would be good spots to fish when the water is lower.  I try my luck up and down this hole section with no luck or any sign of fish feeding.  It is still only about 10:00 am, and I didn't see any insects flying around.  I take a little break and decide to head back up to the Idaho Springs spot for a second try.

I get back around 11:30am  and can see bugs in the air and on the water, and the fish are feeding.  I tie on a Pale Morning Dun and start casting over some fish I see feeding.  Two casts in and I got a fish hooked, but as I bring it over and try to get my camera ready to take a picture the fish snaps off the tippet and both the fish and fly are gone.  This happens two more times before I start using the net to land the fish and then get my camera ready.  There are a dozen fish feeding in the area and I was having no trouble getting fish to bite on the Pale Morning Dun and land them now that I decided to use the net each time.  After a couple of hours I have landed seven fish ranging from 7" to 11" with three other fish getting off as I was bringing them in.  The bugs in the air stop and the fish stop actively feeding on the surface, despite my efforts with a few different patterns to see what they mite bite on.  With no luck I call it a day around 2:30pm and head home.

Had a great day of fishing that included seeing a hummingbird, finding a new fishing area, and catching seven fish!