Day 100

Spent the day in Rocky Mountain National Park today hiking up the Roaring River.  The water was a little low but the weather was absolutely perfect all day.  I started fishing around 11:30am after hiking up a ways and found some nice pocket water to fish.

I started with a yellow humpy but did not have any luck and started the process of finding the right fly.  I catch a few fish on a few different patterns before I land on a little green foam body hopper(size 18) that seems to be fooling the fish.  I catch half a dozen fish on this one before having to change up again.

As I move upstream I tie on a big Green Drake(size 12) to to see what might work.  Sure enough, I found my second good pattern of the day.  I was amazed to see fish from 3" to 11" alike would take the fly even though it looked like nothing flying around.

After six hours of fishing and over a dozen fish caught I call it day and start the hike back to the car.  Had a great 1ooth day of fishing!

Rod:  Iwana 12'
Line:  Hi-Vis Level Line 10'

Flies that worked:  Green Drake, Tiny Green rubber body Hopper,


  1. I believe Greenback Cutthroats rival Brook Trout for handsomeness, and to catch them in their historically native water is just icing on the cake. Roaring river is a real jewel if you can make the hike up. Of course, that hike is easier with tenkara gear.

    1. Agreed, the cutthroats had great color up there. Love the back country fishing more than any other.


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